TN Punter Cookies Policy 

The Website collects cookies to help optimize the browsing experience for its users. 

The information collected via cookies is used solely to recognize your preferences and ensure that you are enjoying the best possible user experience possible.

Please read the Cookies Policy in full before you proceed with the use of the Website. We recommend reading the Terms and Policy as well, as they have binding agreements about your use of the Website.

What are cookies? 

A cookie is a small piece of web content saved directly on your computer or mobile device when you visit the Website. The purpose of the cookie is to remember the actions you take while on the Website.

In other words, the Website has a way of knowing what you are looking for and trying to provide you with that. Some of the preferences that may be affected by cookies include how content is presented to you and how the overall flow of information goes. 

Our cookies

If you are using the Website, you agree that we can store cookies on your computer or mobile device. The purpose of those cookies is to help us improve the experience for you. 

Thank cookies, you can enjoy a quicker browsing session and navigate the Website quicker. If you are not too sure about what cookies are, we welcome you to visit a reliable source such as for all the answers you would ever need.

Several types of the cookie technology

To better understand cookies, you will need to realize that there are several types of cookies. Each type is there to provide you with a better overall experience, but each cookie will act differently.

Technical cookies

These cookies are simply necessary to render the Website on your display. They are the basic cookies, and their sole purpose is to ensure the proper functionality of the Website. These cookies are referred to as “necessary.”

Another type of the same technical cookies is the “unnecessary cookies.” While they are not needed to load up the Website, they will be very welcome when it comes to improving your overall browsing and navigational experience.

Storage duration 

The Website works with three main types of storage duration cookies. Most are session cookies, which mean that as soon as you close the Website, the cookies auto-delete. The other cookies have to do with the so-called permanent type.

They are installed on your device for a longer period of time so as to ensure that your preferences are kept, and you return to the same Website user interface you left. 

Next, you have flow cookies. Flow cookies track the browsing patterns of a user. However, these cookies would never identify an individual. Rather, they focus on analyzing the browsing patterns and produce conclusions based on that. 

Flow cookies are not harmful, as aren’t any of the other cookies used by the Website. You may always delete the cookies by going to your browser settings after a session is over.