TNPunter Terms and Conditions

Please note that before you continue using TNPunter, hereafter referred to as “the Website,” “we,” or “us,” you must agree with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy that bind your use of the Website.

The Terms & Conditions or “the Terms” are here to give you a general idea for what purposes you may use and not use the information found on TNPunter. 

Please pay close attention to the Terms, and if you disagree, immediately discontinue your session. 

Legal use of the information found here.

The Website is providing players with information for entertainment purposes only. The information found on the Website shall not be used for illegal purposes or in any activities that may violate state or federal laws.

Please keep in mind that the content found on the Website has no legal purposes, nor does it constitute any form of advice. Financial losses incurred as a result of direct or indirect use of the content are the sole responsibility of the reader.

The Website is an independent directory for gambling information, and as such, the information available on the Website has strictly entertaining purposes only. The Website takes no legal responsibility for any errors in the published guides, articles, and tips. 

Terms of (re-)use of the information found on the Website

Every piece of content you find on the Website is the property of TNPunter. You may not copy, re-write, or plagiarize the content in any way. This extends to both the text materials as well as the audiovisual and multimedia materials we have published on the Website.

Please note that the same Terms apply to our multimedia content as well, regardless of the medium of distribution. The Website claims exclusive ownership of all of its materials regardless of the method of distribution.

Therefore any violation of our copyrighted materials, whether they are found on the Website, on our YouTube or Twitter handles, could result in legal proceedings from our part. Information from the Website may be copied on rare occasions with the explicit written consent of the Owner.

Replicating content without obtaining the content would result in immediate legal recourse on the Owner’s part.

Changes to the Terms and overall information on the Website

Please keep in mind that the Terms are not final. In fact, they may be changed repeatedly and at the decision of the Website. In other words, the Website is not obligated to inform you about such changes. 

Most changes will be reflected at the bottom or top of the materials with a short line covering when the last update was carried out. However, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that an update has been carried out and that the information found on the Website is indeed accurate and up-to-date.

Any of the Website’s legal pages may change. That extends to the Terms, Policy, and Cookies. It’s your sole responsibility to follow through with any such updates by habitually checking the pages and keeping yourself informed about any changes.