Tennessee Baseball Betting


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If you are looking to place a bet on baseball in Tennessee, you will be pleased to find out a state where online sports betting has been legalized in full. In fact, it’s so easy to bet on your favorite MLB teams these days that you can do so from a smartphone or a tablet. Thanks to the state’s liberal approach to both mobile and online sports betting, the state is a great place to bet on the big sports leagues, and not least Major League Baseball.

Now, I understand that you may not be exactly sure where to start today, but I will make it easy for you. Every website listed here will grant you the opportunity to participate in TN sports betting and enjoy some excellent fixtures. I will talk about the safety of websites in general, but so far as Tennessee goes, the betting market here is exciting, to say the least.

Now, I will first help you figure out what the best baseball sports betting sites are. You will have plenty of those to pick from, as Tennessee has rolled in some pretty exciting brands. Each one of them is legal, meaning you can enjoy legalized sports betting products around the clock. If you are not sure whether a website meets the regulator’s standards, make sure to check for a license. I will talk about this in a bit.

Best Baseball Betting Sites TN – How to Spot Them

I am happy that we finally have the opportunity to benefit from real sports betting in Tennessee. It definitely took a while, but with online sports operators finally launching, betting on professional sports is a dream come true. Better yet, you can pick from official league sports wagering, and specifically baseball.

Most betting sites in TN today meet all criteria set out by the Tennessee Lottery, which is the regulatory body that supervises the industry. To help you find the best Tennessee online sports betting sites, I have decided to cover every little detail. You can either pick from the list I have recommended you already or, if you prefer, do your own due diligence.

Every single sportsbook that is currently worthwhile in our state, though, is listed here as a viable option. Here is what I always check for before recommending a sportsbook.

#1 Every Sportsbook Must be Licensed

The first thing I will always look at first is whether a sports betting site in Tennessee has an adequate license. There is absolutely no reason for a bookie not to have a license, especially now that the state has made it so simple to legalize sports and placing a wager on your favorite official league.

So, when you are looking for a great site, you might as well start with this. I promise that every website I have reviewed and listed here is licensed – at the time of listing – by the Tennessee Lottery Commission, giving it that extra wow factor to make your sports betting experience all the more worthwhile.

#2 A Mobile App Is Always Welcome

With online sports betting allowed in Tennessee, is it really surprising that this is one of the first things I would want to know about when it comes to baseball betting opportunities? I am sure you share my own excitement when it comes to mobile sports wagering. It’s swift, it’s quick, and it makes it possible to bet on any official league you wish, and particularly the MLB.

Any smartphone or tablet will be sufficient to enjoy online sports betting in Tennessee. Yet, if you want a bit of an extra touch, you might just want to pick a proper mobile app. I know you are probably wondering – an app, have you gone mad? No, I have not! However, Tennessee is a true trendsetter as a leading sports betting state. One of the strengths of the offer is the variety of mobile apps available directly on the Google Play and Apple Store.

You can download and install the app of your preferred sportsbook in no time and find yourself betting right away. Mobile solutions make baseball wagers so much more fun!

#3 Safety Comes First

The reason why I always check if a license is available is very simple – I value my privacy and my safety. Similarly, I want my fellow Tennessee sports fans to only have access to the safest and most reputable offers. Therefore I always take safety into consideration. But how can you know if your TN sports betting experience is safe in the first place? There are some dead giveaways.

For example, the sportsbook must have the approval of the Tennessee Lottery, hence the licensing. Yet, there are other factors. For example, each website must be SSL encrypted and provide information about problem gambling. Tennessee has a hotline that is ready to help anyone who experiences a gambling problem with or struggles to control their total spend on sports betting contests. As I mentioned, safety must come first, no matter what your hobby is.

#4 Having Access to Multiple Markets

Now, just because you can bet on MLB games doesn’t mean that you should be limited when it comes to choice. In other words, you want to see a bit of variety going on when it comes to sports wagering options. Granted, you have one of the biggest sports leagues available, but do you only want to bet on the Moneyline or just the spread? Now, the good news is that baseball actually allows you to bet on unique markets, too!

You can place your wager on First Five Innings or all sorts of props, including RBIsstrikes, and homes. If you are new to the beautiful game – which I seriously doubt if you are a native Tennessean – you will probably find these terms a little scary. If your baseball is a little rusty, don’t worry. The game is easy to pick up again, and so long as you have great markets to wager on, you will have an extra incentive to do just that.

#5 Customer Support – Always Helpful

Now, one of the things I would like to see in a sportsbook in Tennessee is that the website has great customer support. After all, you and I will be betting remotely. As a result, you will probably have to handle most of the communication over your smartphone. Therefore, the more knowledgeable an individual is, the better for your MLB betting experience. Because there are so many great brands entering the market, you can rest assured that TN will have no shortage of great sportsbooks that bring a top level of customer support along with it.

How to Bet on Baseball in Tennessee? Let’s Get You Started

Now, since you are going to bet on MLB and perhaps even some overseas leagues, where available, it’s important to clear up a few details beforehand. Baseball betting is quite easy, but you will still need to take a few things into consideration. First, you will be required by law to meet the legal gambling age, i.e., 21 years of age. If you are not yet 21, you will unfortunately not be able to participate in sports wagering contests.

The good news is sports betting is going to be available for decades, so you will have plenty of time! Now, some states allow you to bet even if you are not 21 years of age and specifically tribal operators. However, Tennessee has seen it more appropriate to raise the legal gambling age a little, and this is what you should comply with.

You will also need to set up your account, which shouldn’t take long at all. You see, the sports betting industry in the state is built on a basic principle of accessibility. Once you find a sportsbook you like, all you need to do is register your account and naturally confirm your identity. Now, you are ready to place your first sports bet on any of the sports leagues you like.

Baseball Bonuses in Tennessee

Now that we have clarified the registration process, I feel it’s time to draw your attention to the many great treats TN sports betting offers you. And specifically, I want to talk about the available TN sports bonuses. You see, there are quite a few excellent promotions you can benefit from, and they are all worthwhile allies.

I always recommend that you spend some time looking through the available bonuses to best shape your sports betting experience. Some bonuses may be a better fit for your particular strategy. Having a closer look at each available offer can never hurt, and I am a strong advocate that the terms and conditions are actually there to help! Let’s have a look.

Free Bet for a Warm Welcome on MLB Betting

Free bets are perhaps the most entertaining sports betting offer Tennessee sportsbooks will be able to muster. As a player, you will have the opportunity to use a free bet on your favorite MLB team.

The free bet is usually a small amount, around $5 or $10 at the most, but this number can quickly change. It’s best to always have a look at it yourself. When a free bet is offered, you don’t usually have to deposit any of your money.

Risk-Free Wagers, Sounds Good!

Next, you have the risk-free wagers, and that is great. But what is this really? Well, it is exactly as it sounds. You carry no specific risk. There is a but. The premise of this bonus is that you will have to first place a bet on your own money. Let’s say you want to bet on the Houston Astros, and you are not too sure about your selection.

There is an easy way to ensure your bet by opting for a risk-free wager. Basically, you bet your own money. This may be any amount between $5 and $50. Once again, the amount will really only depend on the sportsbook.

If your bet wins, you have just collected your stake back along with any winnings that apply to your selection. However – if you lose – you will get a reimbursement, and you will be able to use your money to bet with again. It does sound like a great way to start your betting experience.

A Match Bonus for MLB Sports Betting

If you are looking for a classic bonus, you should probably start with a match bonus. Now, I enjoy this option and believe you would too. A lot of your Tennessee sports betting experience as a novice will be predicated on the free bets and risk-free wagers. However, if you want to secure a bigger bankroll from the moment you start, you will probably have to look into the match bonus.

A match bonus means that you deposit a qualifying amount, perhaps $10, and that amount is usually matched by 50%, 100%, or maybe even more. The maximum bonus amount can be anything between $100 and $1000. It’s really up to you to decide how much you want to commit.

I usually exercise caution and claim a smaller amount to see if I like the bonus. But hey, you are probably thinking – what if I miss this great opportunity for a great match bonus? Don’t worry – your sports betting experience won’t suffer.

Not in Tennessee, at least. The sportsbooks are designed in such a way that they provide you with multiple sports betting options once you have registered. That’s correct – you will have plenty of opportunities to collect various promos, participate in contests, and more.

Get Some Cashback For Baseball While at It

Now, there is hardly a more exciting bonus than cashback. This offer is based on a lack of success, that’s correct, but it’s not all bad news! Tennessee sports bettors will have the opportunity to collect a percentage of the money they have bet with and put them to good use. The percentage you collect in the end isn’t too great, I will give you that, but it’s definitely a big help.

Some cashback offers will grant you between 10% and 20% at the end of the week. You may even scale up your experience by becoming a VIP member of the sportsbook. Each sportsbook sets the VIP experience by itself, too.

Refer a Friend – Bring Your Tennessee Friends Over

If you plan on having proper sports betting fun, you might as well do it right. Each sportsbook will give you an opportunity to bring your friends on board by sending them a special referral link coded uniquely to your account.

Now, you won’t just be bringing your friends over – you will be scoring a few dividends as well. You and your friend will claim a bit of an incentive to stick around and bet, but only if you want to, that is.

Time for Some MLB VIP Offers

The way this works is that as you start betting, you will begin to develop a connection with a sportsbook in Tennessee – or perhaps with even a few sportsbooks at once. I usually stick to a few sportsbooks because I like the added bonus of being able to compare odds.

The more you bet, the more perks you will receive. However, there is no obligation to spend too much. My advice is to always bet within your means and not pursue any VIP perks. The VIP bonuses available in Tennessee are a sort of a nice top-up.

They won’t impact your betting experience by too much, but it’s good to have it. And, whatever you do, so long as you place a bet or two when you feel like it, you will continue to accumulate points.

Is It Still Worth Visiting Land-based Sportsbooks?

You bet! True sports betting experience is about sharing it with others. Therefore, traveling to one of the available land-based sportsbooks in Tennessee will feel absolutely great.

All sportsbooks which have land-based operations, and that is the majority of them, definitely would prefer if you came in person. However, no brand would shut the door on the mobile experience either.

That’s precisely what feels so great about sports betting in Tennessee. It really feels like you are in control – and you are. So far as it comes to the choice of a betting market, sportsbook, or the right bonus for you, you can pick from a plethora of opportunities.

Why Bet on MLB in Tennessee?

Tenessee has the pleasure to be home of the Atlanta Braves, one of the best sports franchises there is in the MLB. As a result, you can expect the interest among the locals to be quite significant. And it is, but it’s not just that. Sports betting is very accessible in sports betting, and besides, thanks to the taxation introduced by the Tennesee Education Lottery, a sizeable chunk of the sports betting revenue – not the total handle, mind – goes to fund public projects.

Another matter is, of course – convenience. You will be able to bet right in your home state and not need to venture anywhere. Tennessee has made it very simple to place a bet quickly and without any hassle. The mobile sports betting touch is definitely good for Tennessee sports fans.

Can I Bet on DFS and College Sports in TN?

Oh, yes. Sports betting is big in Tennessee, and that goes well beyond baseball and the MLB. The Tennessee Education Lottery has agreed to make it easy to place bets on some of the biggest sports in the state – including collegiate events such as the NCAA and March Madness.

Besides, there are also daily fantasy contests or DFS, which applies to the MLB as well as any other type of sports in the United States! Tennessee has thought its sports betting law through carefully to allow all sorts of great sports betting opportunities.

What If I Have a Gambling Problem?

I realize that as a hobby, sports betting can be a little too captivating. This is not bad, but you always need to be on the look-out in case your hobby starts getting a little too imposing on your other aspects. Sports betting cannot guarantee your financial security, nor can it help you turn a small amount of money into something more significant.

It’s important that you understand that early and only approach sports betting for the purposes of fun and entertainment. Should you ever experience a problem with your sports betting habits in Tennessee, though, I urge you to seek help.

The National Problem Gambling Helpline is available for all sports bettors from Tennessee, and you can get in touch via mail or via the phone number. I also invite you to take a look at my Responsible Gambling, where I talk about the symptoms of problem gambling and what to do.


And so, Tennessee has a lot to offer when it comes to sports betting, and specifically Major League Baseball. As one of the biggest sports competitions, there are plenty of games happening every day. Because the game deservedly lands the title “America’s pastime,” it’s quite natural to see huge interest in baseball not only in Tennessee but well across all states.

This has created a great ecosystem for the sport to develop. In fact, while the NFL is the most grossing league, baseball seems to be an indelible part of the TN sports betting landscape. Each state is free to decide what markets it wants to cover when it comes to sports betting.

However, for Tennessee, home of some of the best baseball athletes, rolling out sports betting on MLB and other contests wasn’t a matter of choice but rather of destiny. If you want to place a bet or two on baseball in Tennessee, there is no doubt you are in one of the best states for the purpose!


Is sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Yes, Tennessee legalized sports betting in 2019 and launched sports betting officially in the state in 2020. Since that time, sports betting enthusiasts and MLB fans have been able to place bets legally.

Can you bet on DraftKings in Tennessee?

Yes, DraftKings is one of the official license holders when it comes to sports betting in Tennessee.

Do Tennessee sportsbooks use official league data?

Yes, sportsbooks in Tennessee are requested by law to use official league data. By leveraging official league data, sportsbooks can provide sports bettors with the most accurate information in real-time supplier directly by major leagues.

Where can I bet on sports in Tennessee?

You can bet on sports in Tennessee by either choosing from online websites or going to a sportsbook in person. TN sports betting is flexible and reliable, and sports fans have a free reign to choose where and how they want to bet.

Can I bet on college sports in Tennessee?

Yes, college sports betting is allowed by the Tennessee Education Lottery. You may not place in-play wagers, but you can wager on NCAA events as well as March Madness, for example.

Is online horse betting legal in Tennessee?

Yes, the Tennessee Education Lottery allows horse betting, as well as regular sports betting and fantasy betting.