NFL Betting in Tennessee

American Football is big in Tennessee. So much so that the state has its own stadium located in Nashville and its top-class team. The Nissan Stadium is home to the Tennessee Titans, as well its college football team – the Tennessee State Tigers. Now, you can also enjoy betting on the NFL in Tennessee, though!

Yes, here in Tennessee, online sports betting, including NFL betting, is completely legal in the state legislature. A year after the PASPA got overturned back in 2018, the Volunteer State voted yes to legalize online Tennessee sports betting. As of Nov 1, 2020, sports betting operators now offer NFL betting options to punters like you!

In fact, you can easily find a bookie with which to place your wager in the state. However, choosing who to make your first TN wager with might be a little more complex. What makes a good bookie? What kind of special offers can I expect? Who really does offer the best odds for my NFL bets? These are just a few important questions you might have.


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DraftKings Sportsbook is among the leading sports betting establishments in the US. The bookmaker offers a number of gambling opportunities along with exclusive bonuses and promotions. Besides, it provides its players with a customer-friendly interface and impressive mobile betting opportunities.


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FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the leaders in legal sports betting in the US. Thanks to its clean interface, robust services, and massive portfolio, the bookmaker has a number of active users from different parts of the country. Now, the sportsbook is available in Tennessee, along with exclusive deals and gambling opportunities.

Luckily, I’m here to answer these questions and help you pick out the best bookies with which to wager. Yes, my online bookmaker reviews will guide you in making a sound choice of who to do business with! I also bring you the absolute best welcome bonus offers to compare. So, you don’t need to waste your time finding these. Instead, you can join me here at TNPunter.

After all, you’re here to make sports bets, not to research each and every Tennessee sportsbook in detail. No, that’s my job! So, let’s get into the best NFL sports betting bookies that the state has to offer!

Best NFL Betting Sites TN

So, what truly makes the best online sportsbooks for betting on the NFL in Tennessee? Well, there are a variety of factors that score bookie brownie points. Much like the NFL teams stand out from other non-NFL American football teams, so these bookies exceed in their industry, too.

The best online sportsbooks are all unique, but they share some things in common – specifically, what makes them the best sites in the first place! One easy way to find the top NFL sports betting sites and apps is to browse through my list of the best Tennessee sportsbooks. However, you can easily spot a great Tennessee NFL bookie using this checklist.

#1 Legal & Licensed

First and foremost, an NFL sports betting site or app needs to be legal. Sure, online sports betting is legal in Tennessee. However, this is only the case if you’re betting on the NFL at legal Tennessee-licensed sites. Not only are scam sites illegal, but they’re also risky places to place wagers.

Unlicensed bookies haven’t proven they have the funds to pay out a bet. Nor have they registered an office address at which they are physically located. For all you know, the operator’s team could be located out of the country and be getting ready to disappear with your first deposit.

That’s why your best bet is to go with a licensed site that is registered and regulated in the state. In order to gain a license, a company needs to pay a big licensing fee, register their address, and show proof of funds as well as a clean criminal record. So, you can rest assured that your money, including winnings, bonuses, and deposits are safe with them.

#2 Mobile Players Welcome

Lately, mobile sports betting has gained traction all over the world. This is not a surprising development as the convenience of mobile gambling is undeniable. Many more people possess a mobile phone than a PC. It’s also much easier and cheaper to connect to the internet via a mobile device on the go than your computer at home or on the go.

In fact, you’re likely reading this page via their iPad, iPhone, or another mobile device right now. Yes, TNPunter is a mobile-friendly website! If you’re a mobile user, then you also need a mobile-friendly site that caters to your mobile requirements. This means offering a mobile app or mobile-optimized site at which punters like you can make bets on the NFL.

#3 A Bonus Worth Signing up For

Sure, a welcome bonus is one way for a bookie to draw in the punters. But, the kind of sign-up bonus on offer also says a lot about the sportsbook. Are they generous? Are they aware of the type of rewards their customers want? Do they know how to spoil a punter who bets on the NFL? Do they keep those wagering requirements and t&c’s fair and to the minimum?

If so, then their welcome bonus will be something worth signing up for. A few of the exciting bonuses you can expect to include no deposit and deposit bonuses, risk-free bets, free bets, and enhanced odds offers. Just remember not to be tempted to sign up immediately. Make sure to check up on how good an offer is here first at TNPunter. And, read that fine print, including wagering requirements and t&cs!

#4 Treats For Regular Punters

After that welcome bonus is all spent and done, you’ll want to know that you’re still worth spoiling. After all, bookies should value regulars as highly, if not, more highly than their first-time NFL bettors signing up for an account! Am I right? Yes, I’m talking about those daily, weekly, and monthly promos, loyalty rewards, and competitions available to members only!

If your bookie isn’t treating you with regular cashback, free NFL bets, bonuses, and much more, it may be time to swap over to someone new! Here at TNPunter, my top NFL sportsbooks know how to treat their regulars. So, you can expect to get rewarded for your patronage consistently.

#5 On Your Side With Fair Odds

Sportsbooks get to set their betting odds on each and every game. But that doesn’t mean that they need to be stingy! In fact, if they really value their punters, they’ll know to offer fair and competitive odds on each NFL game and season. This is one of the main ways a bookie attracts and keeps NFL bettors coming back to make bets.

#6 A Variety of Betting Markets

Each punter has his favorite type or types of bets to make. Perhaps a wager offers the best probability, odds, and payout, or maybe it’s just the most fun type of bet to make. Either way, a bookie needs to offer plenty of betting markets from which to choose. These markets should include point spread bets, as well as Moneyline, over/under, teaser, and alternate point spread bets.

#7 Safe & Secure

Apart from being licensed, each sportsbook site or app should also be secure. A secure site is one that’s encrypted and safe from hackers. Safe, encrypted payment methods and gateways are also important. Encryption stops anyone from hacking the site and gaining access to your private data and financial information.

Another way a bookie can keep you safe and protected is to have a no rent/no-sell policy on your data. You see, a site can sell or rent your data to third parties. Sure, the bookie may market to you using your mobile number or email if you were opt-in.

However, this is different – these third parties are unrelated to the company. Of course, this may sound wrong to you, but some unsavory bookmakers do this! So, be sure your bookie doesn’t before it’s too late and you’ve already shared your info with them.

#8 Live Betting Options

Live betting is an enjoyable way for punters to get all the fun of game day sports betting without leaving home. If a bookie offers in-play betting, where you can make bets while the game is ongoing, this is a great plus. You should also find out if the bookie offers live streaming of the game and cashouts, too. Or, you can even go to a game and partake in live betting while there via your mobile! This is a great option as land-based betting is illegal in the state of Tennessee.

#9 Top-Class Customer Support

One important aspect, and a place where the top bookies score extra points, is in the customer service department. When you’re signing up with a bookie, you don’t yet know how they’re going to treat you. Will they answer quickly when you send a query? How quickly will they resolve your issues? Are they available 24/7? Do they have a live chat box where you can talk with them conveniently?

These are all important questions to ask before you sign up. Here at TNPunter, you can find out all this info and more. I’ve got the scoop on all the best bookies! So, do check out my Tennessee sports betting site reviews before you sign up. Here, I’ve got a list of all the top places to bet on NFL that have the best customer support lined up for you!

#10 Plenty on Offer

So, you’re out to make bets on the NFL games this season? Well, that’s great, but maybe you want to bet on another sport, too, when the NFL season is over? If so, you need a bookie with plenty of sports and events on offer, of course! It’s no good for you in the long run if a bookie just has a few sports and limited events.

NFL Betting Bonuses in Tennessee

Now that you can bet on the NFL online in Tennessee, you can also enjoy other betting perks! These treats include welcome bonuses. Yes, you can now claim an exciting betting bonus when you sign up for your sportsbook account! Of course, you can also enjoy a variety of exciting promos after you’ve claimed your welcome bonus, too!

But, you may wonder what are the types of bonus, and which are the best? Well, I’m here to help! This little list will introduce you to the most popular NFL betting bonuses on offer during and even after the season. These offers include cash bonuses available as bonus funds, as well as other unique sports betting sign-up offers. So, let’s explore these sign-up bonuses further.

NFL Welcome Bonuses

You’ll likely find these at most online NFL sports betting sites and apps in Tennessee in and out of season. No matter what bonus you claim, though, be sure to check the bonus wagering requirements and t&cs. These will stipulate how you can claim, use, and withdraw your betting bonus.

No Deposit Bonus at TN NFL Bookies

A no deposit bonus is a set amount of bonus funds that you qualify for when signing up. As mentioned in the name, you don’t need to deposit to claim this bonus. Of course, because you don’t need to deposit, this type of bonus is also usually a set amount, value, or offer. So, no matter who you are or how much you’re going to bet, you’ll get exactly the same bonus as any other punter signing up.

Matched Deposit Bonus

A matched deposit bonus is the most common type of welcome offer. With this bonus, you get a certain percentage of your first deposit back as bonus funds. The percentage you get back will depend on the specific offer. A 100% matched deposit bonus is very common, but some bookies may give you more or less. In some cases, a sports betting site may even offer subsequent second, third, and fourth deposit bonuses, which will definitely brighten up your season!

Risk-Free NFL Bets

A new, exciting type of bonus for sports bettors is a risk-free bet. With this welcome offer, you can make an NFL bet in the season as per usual. If your bet loses, you’ll get all or part of your wager back! Yes, this type of sign-up offer definitely is one worth claiming during the NFL season!

How to bet on NFL in Tennessee?

Making bets on the NFL in Tennessee is easy. All you need to do is compare the best NFL betting sites here at TNPunter first. After you’ve selected one, you then need to register your sports betting account and make your first deposit. It’s that easy!

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to claim your welcome bonus when you sign up, either. At TNPunter, you can compare the absolute best sign-up bonuses for the top NFL betting operator in the state, as well! So, you’re sure to find a bonus offer, risk-free or free bets to enjoy when you bet on the game!

After you’ve gone through this process, you can start betting on your favorite NFL team or teams straight away! Yes, you can bet on the Tennessee Titans and other teams like the Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, or Green Bay Packers!

If you want to wager during the game, you need to wait until in-play betting opens on the day. Otherwise, you can place your wager beforehand and wait until game day to see if you win. In some cases, you’ll need to wait until your funds clear in your betting account, though. So, do be sure to get your sports betting account up and running as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out on the day!


So, sports betting is now legal in the Volunteer State. But that’s doesn’t mean you should bet with just any old bookie! Whether you’re making a prop bet on Ryan Tannehill or simply making a points spread bet, make sure that you’re doing so with the best online Tennessee sportsbooks!

The easiest way to do this is to come and compare the best bookmakers and all they have to offer right here. So, don’t miss out – join me at TNPunter for the best sports betting opportunities that TN has to offer!


On which date did sports betting become legal in Tennessee?

Sports betting became legal in the state of Tennessee on Jul 1 2019. However, the launch of the first sportsbooks got postponed until No1 1, 2020. Today, sports betting is completely legal in the state.

Can I bet on college football in Tennessee?

Yes, betting on college football is legal in Tennessee. However, you cannot make in-play prop bets on college football or bet on injuries and penalties.

Is point spread sports betting allowed in Tennessee?

Yes, point spread bets are legal in the Volunteer State.

Do Tennessee sports betting sites help those with a gambling problem?

Yes, licensed sports betting sites in Tennessee are required to follow responsible gambling guidelines. As such, they also need to offer support and tools for problem gamblers. Not doing so can result in being fined, blacklisted, and even having their license revoked.

Can I bet on the Tennessee Titans?

Yes, you can make bets on any Tennessee Titans game while in the state.

Who’s responsible for providing sports betting licenses and regulating Tennessee sportsbooks?

The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation (TELC) is responsible for licensing and regulating Tennessee online bookies.