Tennessee Horse Racing Betting

Horses and the state of Tennessee go way back. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that horse racing and horse racing betting are so prevalent in the state. In fact, due to gambling regulations and bans in play since the early 1900s, these sports haven’t fared too well in the state.


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If these regulations weren’t enough, the PASPA act recently banned all sports betting in most of the USA. That is, up until 2018 when it got overturned. Now, each state, including Tennessee, are welcome to decide on their own betting laws. Most recently, the Volunteer State has decided to say “yes” to online sports betting!

In other words, you can now legally make online bets, including ones on horse racing in Tennessee. However, betting online in this state is quite new, and you may need a helping hand to understand how to go about it. I want to do just that! As an experienced punter, I will acquaint you with the ins and outs of online horse racing betting in Tennessee.

Yes, I will go over the laws governing gambling in TN, as well as how to go about betting on horses here. Furthermore, I will introduce you to the best sites at which to make horse racing bets. You see, I review all the top online sportsbook sites in Tennessee, including the best ones for partaking in horse racing betting.

Lastly, you can hear about the best betting bonuses here, too. Yes, I also keep up to speed on the latest, exciting Tennessee horse racing betting welcome bonus offers! So, with all this good stuff in mind, let’s get into how to go about betting on horse racing in Tennessee!

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in Tennessee

Finding the best horse racing betting sites in Tennessee is easy at TNPunter. Simply read through my bookie reviews, compare sites, and choose one! I take special care when picking out the top horse racing bookmakers to recommend to you. So, you don’t have to take time out of your day to find them yourself.

However, you may be wondering what criteria on which I judge a sportsbook? Well, I’m more than happy to spill the beans. In fact, I have a little checklist I’d like to share with you.

#1 Licensed Bookies – First thing First

In order to be one of the best, a horse racing betting site needs to be legal and licensed, first and foremost. After all, sports betting is strictly regulated in the state of Tennessee. That is why playing at an unregulated bookie would have some severe consequences for you. This includes scamming, and criminal problems.

As such, it’s important that you check that the bookie is licensed in Tennessee. And, remember, no land-based sports betting other than pari-mutuel bets on horse races are allowed in the state! Online, only licensed sportsbook sites and apps can operate legally. These sites get regulated by the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation.

#2 Top-Rated

If a horse racing betting site is great, you’ll likely hear about it at some point from its happy customers. This applies whether you read rave reviews about it. Or, get a personal recommendation that leads you to bet with them. Here at TNPunter, I write specifically about these top-rated Tennessee horse racing betting sites in an objective manner. These are exactly the sought-after bookies with whom you should be making bets!

#3 A Cut Above the Rest

Some sportsbooks make the extra effort to connect with and reward their customers. They do this by offering generous sign-up bonuses. Then, they’re there to answer queries and resolve issues quickly. Of course, they make sure that their sports markets, events, and betting markets don’t leave you wanting, either.

Furthermore, they spoil you with regular promos and loyalty rewards! Yes, these are exactly the types of Tennessee horse racing betting sites for which you’re looking, right?

#4 Diversity

Diversity is key if a sportsbook wants to rise above all others. You see, having a variety of payment methods, markets, sports, and events is a necessity to stand out from the rest! Of course, catering to the new generation of gamblers – mobile gamblers, is important, too. This means offering sports betting app or mobile-optimized site, as well as a traditional website.

If they throw in some in-play betting, live streaming, and cashouts to keep punters satisfied, they’re a winner! Yes, only those bookies that go the extra mile to satisfy their customers with diverse options deserve a top spot. These are the bookies who surely deserves to get called one of the best spots to do some online horse betting!

#5 Security

When betting online, security is key to a safe gambling experience. You see, there are risks associated with sharing your details online – as you may well know. However, there are a variety of tools that an online sportsbook can employ to ensure your safety. These include an encrypted site and payments, as well as a no sell/no rent policy on your data.

So, there’s no reason to fear for your safety when you partake in online horse betting in Tennesse. In fact, online betting can even be even safer – as long as you bet with secure online sports betting sites, that is!

Bookie Bonuses on Horse Races

When it comes to getting a juicy bonus on horse racing, I can say that Tennessee bookies have their job well-done. In this sense, it is not a mission impossible to get goodies upon your land, or registration. But, you may wonder what is waiting for you at those bookies. Well, to be frank, you can get all types of bonuses for horse racing. From welcome bonuses to free bets, or even cashback offers, TN horse racing bookies have it all for you.

How to bet on Horse Races in Tennessee?

So, you may be wondering how to go about betting in the Volunteer State. Well, betting on horses online in Tennessee isn’t complicated. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to start you off!

1 – Find the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites & Apps in Tennessee

Before you make a bet, you need to make sure you’re making it with the best bookie! Yes, the sportsbook that offers the best odds, promos, and rewards for your bets. Here at TNPunter, you can find the bookmakers, which do exactly that! Just read through my informative reviews and compare sites easily and quickly. Then, choose the perfect Tennessee horse racing betting sites for you!

2 – Compare Online Horse Race Betting Welcome Bonuses

Betting online isn’t all about the bonus – the bonus is just the cherry on top. But a bonus sure can sway a punter to go with one sportsbook over another! Here at TNPunter, you can take a look at the latest, greatest betting bonuses on offer at various sportsbooks! So, you won’t miss out on the most tempting bonus offers! Just remember to read through the bookie review and choose a betting site based on more than their bonus.

3- Sign-Up for Your Gambling Account

Once you’ve decided on the betting site with which you want to make your bets, go ahead and sign up for your new betting account! You’ll need to be in the state and over 21 years to open a betting account legally. When you sign up, you’ll likely also need to prove your age and identity to verify your account. Once you’ve completed this step, you can start betting!

4 – Deposit Funds into Your Account

Once you know the rules of claiming your bonus, you can continue to make your first deposit. Simply head over to the banking section, select your preferred payment method and the denomination you want to deposit. It’s also a good idea to check up on the sportsbooks deposit waiting times beforehand. So, you know how soon your funds will be in your account.

You’ll need to use a payment method that’s also under your name. This is the same name with which you’ve opened your betting account. Furthermore, a bookie may also pay out your winnings in the same method in which you make your deposit. So, do consider whether this is something you’re ok with or not and select a payment method accordingly.

5- Select From the Sports, Events, & Markets on Offer

Once your funds are in, you’re free to start betting on horses! Simply choose your horse racing from the menu. Then, browse through the race events to find yours. Once on the desired events betting page, you should be able to select from a variety of betting markets. Here, you can choose the type of bet you want to make and the amount you want to bet.

6- Make Your First Bet

Once you’ve selected your bet and bet value, click to make your bet. The funds should come off your betting account immediately. Now, all you need to do is wait until the event to see what happens. If your betting site or app offers live streaming, you may even be able to watch the event on the day!

If your horse racing bookie site or app offers in-play betting, you can also make a bet during the event on the day! If this is the case, you can wait until race time, then find the live betting section and follow my steps to make a live bet. It’s a good idea to open your account and deposit your funds prior to the day to ensure you’re ready to bet, though.

Tennessee Race Tracks

Tennessee has a history as one of the biggest horse rearing states in the USA. So naturally, horse racing is a big part of the state’s history. Unfortunately, it’s quite a distant history, however, as prohibition banned betting on horses in the early 20th century. This ban had a knock-on effect, leading to less and less interest in horse racing, and therefore fewer races.

This law also effectively put an end to the prestigious Tennessee Derby, which at the time rivaled the Kentucky Derby. Before the ban, the state often held horse races. However, many were held on public roads, no on a race track. So, big-scale race tracks weren’t prevalent back then, either. One of the big tracks of the time was the Burns Island track in Nashville.

Racing Control Act of 1987

In fact, it wasn’t until 1987 that Tennessee legalized pari-mutuel gambling horses with the Racing Control Act. This act was accepted and voted in select towns, but not in all of them – some rejected it. Pari-mutuel betting is when all bets get put into a pool like a lottery. Then, the house edge and taxes get deducted from the pari-mutuel betting pool. The entire betting pool is then dallied up between the bet winners.

For the most part, the damage had already been done with regards to horse racing betting in Tennessee, though. So, the sport didn’t kick-off quite as it had back in the day. Actually, horse racing was on a bit of a down-turn nationwide at the time. As such, there wasn’t any interest in developing horse betting tracks and facilities from big investors. Furthermore, those who were interested had too little funds to get a license or get approved.

In 1998, the Tennessee State Racing Commission was appointed to oversee pari-mutuel betting, and the Racing Control Act got disbanded. There were no tracks, no licensed operators, and only one man on the advisory board at the time. In 2015, lawmakers repealed the Racing Control Act. The newly appointed Horse Racing Advisory Committee is in charge of considering how bringing large-scale horse racing back to Tennessee could affect the state.

Horse Tracks in Tennesse Today

Today, there no large-scale horse racing tracks of note. The small and unique Kentucky Downs thorough-bred track hosts a short 6-day meet where gambling on horses is allowed. The non-profit Iroquois Steeplechase and non-betting Percy Warner Park meet-up are other horse racing events of note.

Hopefully, we’ll see more horse racing tracks and races in the state of Tennessee in the future. But, for now, you can enjoy betting on national and international horse races legally online in Tennessee! So, the good news is that you’re not really missing out on much at present!


Sure, horse racing is a novel experience in the state of Tennessee. But, that doesn’t mean you need to go into this activity blind with little or no knowledge. Here at TNPunter, I’ll help you unravel some of the mysteries of betting on various sports, including horse races in this state.

So, stay tuned to keep informed and up to date on the latest Tennessee horse race betting news and guides right here. Of course, you’re also welcome to pick the perfect site for you using my reviews to guide you! And, don’t forget to take a look at the exciting horse betting bonuses I listed for you, too!


Can I bet on horses at land-based locations in Tennessee?

No, no land-based gambling is allowed in TN, including major horse race betting. However, you can bet on horses online.

Is online horse betting legal in Tennessee?

Yes, online sports betting, including horse race betting, is legal in TN.

How old do I have to be to make a bet on a horse race in Tennessee?

You have to be 21 years or older to make bets on horse racing in TN.

Who can’t make bets on horse racing in Tennessee?

Sports team employees and players can’t make bets, as well as any person with access to non-public team information. Furthermore, certain state officials can’t make horse racing bets in the state.

Who regulates horse race wagering in the state of Tennessee?

The newly-appointed Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation Sports Wagering Advisory Council regulates sports betting in TN. This council is part of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation, which regulates the state’s lotteries.