If you are reading this, you want to know more about TN Punter. Please consider the following points with care and make sure you understand them in full. Each paragraph features an important point that is binding as to your use of the website. Read carefully from here on after.

Financial Loss

TN Punter provides the information featured on the website for entertainment purposes only. In other words, everything you read on the website is intended as an entertainment product.

While factual accuracy remains important to TN Punter, the nature of gambling is too dynamic for anyone to be able to guarantee that the information found on the website will always be accurate, factual, or up-to-date.

Therefore, the website is not responsible for any financial loss incurred as a direct or indirect use of any information, guides, articles, or other multimedia or written materials you have referenced on TN Punter. 

The website does its best to always keep you update with reliable and trustworthy information but ultimately, it’s the reader’s responsibility to verify that information.

Verity of Information 

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, TN Punter processes huge amounts of information every day. That makes keeping up with all developments challenging. Therefore, you may find old information or information that we are currently updating.

Verifying the information you will find on TN Punter is your sole responsibility as a consumer of that information. You are responsible for verifying the facts. TN Punter reminds you to never to act upon a piece of information that you are not absolutely certain of.

You shouldn’t misconstrue any of the information on the website as financial advice. The experiences outlined in the guides and articles are subjective, and there is no guarantee they would hold true for you.

Always Gamble Responsibly

Another important aspect of the website’s mission is to uphold responsible gambling standards in the industry. With the gambling market in Tennessee growing very quickly, it’s natural that readers and consumers would want to stay protected.

TN Punter advises that you always take your hobbies in moderation. Gambling can be very fun indeed, but you always need to be responsible for yourself and others. If you need help, TN Punter is ready to assist you.

Please consider getting in touch with any of the helplines below. The Tennessee Lottery has approved each of the following:

  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Gam-Anon
  • GamTalk

Each helpline is ready to assist individuals to come to terms with excessive gambling.

Thankfully, Tennessee is spending a lot of effort and time to make sure that players won’t come in harm’s way. Players who may experience some issues already, though, are very welcome to seek help.

TN Punter remains committed to providing assistance and serves as a facilitator between individuals who may need assistance and finding the right self-help resources.

All of the above resources are viable and efficient tools. They will help you improve your situations and fix your problem gambling problem.